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Company Overview

In January of 2013 in New York City, a group of experts in the field of Lubricant Additives Technology came together to form SciTech Universal LLC.

Possessing over 50 years of Lubricant Additives Technology experience and formal hands-on training within this area, they realized a need to develop and manufacture high-impact performance additive packages with a cost-effective market specific flexibility in place; to provide dynamic and efficient solutions for lubricant blenders.

Leveraging their technical expertise combined with the market knowledge in formulating robust lubricant additives, the founders focused not only on the blenders’ requirements but also on the end user within various global markets.

By paying close attention to the customer’s needs, by challenging the norm and continually working towards improvement, the team dismantled barriers and delivered unique Lubricant Additives solutions to fill an ever-growing gap.

SciTech Universal has the knowledge-base, expertise, and the history to formulate and offer successful market-specific products. We maintain and ensure a strict quality control regime in manufacturing our products and in the provision of services. Our products are thoroughly examined for optimum performance.

Our Mission

Accepting only complete implementation and execution when it comes to the satisfaction of customer requirements.

Conducting business with ethics and integrity.

Building a framework of trust and understanding with all our customers and suppliers.

Building, leading, and motivating a workforce that is talented and aspires to be the best in their field.

Contributing positively to society and community uplifting initiatives.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a customer-centric, environmentally prudent, and an ethical producer of quality products.

To create solutions that deliver benefits beyond equipment performance through operational efficiencies that positively impact our customers’ bottom line.

Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Striving for customer satisfaction is our foremost commitment. SciTech Universal is customer-centric in everything we do. We believe that being a reliable partner and creating sustainable value for our customers is vital to our success.

Meeting Commitments

Our integrity hinges on honoring the commitments we make to our customers and employees. These are promises by which we measure ourselves. We will do everything in our power to accomplish a task and hold ourselves accountable to achieve success.

Transparency, Communication, and Respect

Fostering open and direct communication among all levels of the company is critical for maintaining mutual respect and trust. Honesty and fair treatment is never compromised.

Environmental Protection

We are dedicated to protecting our employees, communities, and our environment by operating in a responsible and safe manner. We continue to discover new ways to conserve resources, reduce energy usage and accelerate overall environmental performance.


We will leverage the collective experience of our people to build a successful company for the betterment of our customers.


A Selection Of Industries We Serve

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Enhancing Engine Performance, One Drop at a Time.

The Highest Quality


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